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Where to Buy Enameled Copper Wire
xinyuenamelled | 10 Avgust, 2018 06:01

Where to Buy Enameled Copper Wire? As enameled copper wire widely using in power, telcome, electrical, engineering industries, and it is enabled with good conductivity. Manufactured with quite user-friendly and safe approach, these wires are available in different sizes and easy to handle. So choose a professional enameled wire manufacturer for enameled copper wire is important, here i recommend you xinyu-enameledwire, we bring out a range selection of enameled copper wire.

Types of Xinyu Enameled Copper Wire:

Polyster Copper Enameled Wire

Particular: 130

Thermal ClassSpecification: IS 13730/IEC 60317 Part-34:2000

Size Range: 12 SWG to 38 SWG

2.642mm to 0.152mm

Modified Polyester Enamelled Copper Wire

Particular : 155

Thermal ClassSpecification : IS 13730/IEC 60317 Part-3:1996

Size Range: 12 SWG to 38 SWG

2.642mm to 0.152mm

In next article on news, we will continue the topic: the types of xinyu enameled copper wire, welcome your visit.

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